Life Cycle Icon

The Life Cycle Icon was developed as part of the Design Guidelines for Sustainable Packaging published by GreenBlue's Sustainable Packaging Coalition. The icon provides an abstract representation of the packaging supply chain, which can be used in miniature form to indicate the supply chain stages that are appropriate areas of focus for different design strategies. The icon has also proved useful more generally in explaining the concept of life cycles and supply chains.

Design: J. Pearson

Project Mgmt: M. Stevenson

Advice: A. Johnson

Copyright: GreenBlue 2006

For each design strategy introduced in the Guidelines, a miniature version of the icon indicates which stages of the life cycle are relevant to the strategy.
Explanation of life cycle icon
An expanded version of the life cycle icon was developed as an appendix to the Guidelines in order to explain the way in which energy and value are embodied in materials as they are extracted from nature and processed in the supply chain. Embodied value increases upward along the left side and decreases downward along the right.