US EPA 2020 Vision Ranking Analysis

The Analysis shows the 38 sectors identified by the US EPA in its 2009 Sustainable Materials Management report as the most appropriate sectors for sustainable materials management pilot projects. The report analyzed the relative environmental impacts of all 480 sectors in the US economy from three perspectives: Direct Impacts, Intermediate Consumption impacts, and Final Consumption impacts. This visualization refines the graphics in the report by introducing a custom icon to represent the three perspectives and the relative contribution of each sector to the various impact categories in the study.

Data sources: US EPA, CEDA 3.0

Design: Jason Pearson


The ranking analysis provides a way to visually understand which sectors and sector groupings contribute most significantly to different environmental impacts categories, and whether those impacts are direct, indirect, or both.
The three Overall Ranking columns indicate a sector's relative significance, across all impact categories, from the perspective of Direct Impacts (onsite), Intermediate Consumption impacts (onsite and upstream), and Final Consumption impacts (in direct response to consumer/government demand).
Each three-part supply chain icon shows whether a specific sector's effect on an environmental impact category contributes to that sector's ranking in the top 10 (black) or top 20 (grey) sectors out of 480 total sectors. Generally speaking, those sectors with more black are more significant contributors to environmental impacts overall.