Economy Map 2.0

Economy Map is an interactive visual map of the United States economy and its environmental impacts. It provides a way to dynamically explore and understand the sources and flow of goods, services, and environmental impacts among major industrial sectors. Economy Map is intended as a resource for public interest advocates and policymakers, and also as an educational resource for broader audiences. The second version (2.0) was released in May, 2011 with a new network view that enabled visualization of the flow of impacts along major supply chains in the economy.

Data sources: US EPA, CEDA 3.0


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The 'Network' (supply chain) view shows how economic demand drives environmentalimpacts in the US economy. The vertical bar on the left ranks industry sectors in descending order of direct contribution to an environmental impact area, e.g. freshwater pollution.
The vertical bar on the right shows the major demand centers that drive economic activity: Private Households, Government, and Exports. For each , the portion of upstream impacts generated in response to their purchases is reflected by the width of the corresponding flows. The display is dynamic and interactive.
As in Economy Map 1.00, the Grid mode arranges all 480 sectors in the economy as a grid, with the relative environmental impact contributions of each reflected by the size of the colored circles centered on each sector. Clicking on a sector provides more detailed information to the left.
Economy Map 2.00 also includes a relatively conventional Bar Graph mode, which enables users to generate ranked displays of the top 20 sectors contributing to a particular environmental impact category, either directly or indirectly. The pie chart communicates what proportion of all relevant impacts in the economy are generated by these 20 sectors.