Economy Map 1.0 BETA

Economy Map is an interactive visual map of the United States economy and its environmental impacts. It provides a way to dynamically explore and understand the sources and flow of goods, services, and environmental impacts among major industrial sectors. Economy Map is intended as a resource for public interest advocates and policymakers, and also as an educational resource for broader audiences. It is an ongoing project.

Data sources: US EPA, CEDA 3.0

Each grid location on the left represents a major industry sector in the US economy. Each colored circle represents the relative contribution of that sector to overall environmental impacts of a particular type, in this case ozone depletion. The grey circles represent the relatives sales volume of each sector. Those sectors with relatively small sales volume and relatively large impact profiles can be considered intensive sectors.
As shown in this representation of the relative contributions of each sector to Global Warming Potential, some sectors (such as electric services, or power plants) contribute a disproportionate amount of impacts. In this case, electric services contributes fully 35% of all Global Warming Potential impacts across the entire US economy.
Detail of Global Warming Potential map. The light grey lines indicate financial exchanges among the various sectors.
Economy Map can also display financial flows in the US economy. In this case, the black lines represent sales by the Miscellaneous Plastics sector to other industry sectors, and the red lines represent purchases by the Plastics sector from other sectors.
The thickness of each flow reflects the volume of annual financial transactions between the two sectors connected by the flow.