TRUTHstudio | Services
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  • Systems

    We use market research, stakeholder interviews, competitor/peer analysis, landscape scans, SWOT analysis, (big) data visualization, and other techniques to understand and map the systemic context for strategic engagement and action.

  • Strategic

    We provide research-based strategic analysis for non-profit organizations, private foundations, and government programs to ensure that programs are clearly defined, well-communicated, and effectively aligned to achieve mission objectives.

  • Business

    We partner with Boards and executive teams to develop detailed, scenario-based plans for program and organizational development that include, as appropriate: financial modeling, revenue approaches, resource allocation options, timelines, milestones, and metrics.

  • Information

    We use information design to bring clarity and understanding to complex and otherwise confusing data and information. Good information design reveals otherwise hidden insights to support informed and intelligent decision-making.

  • Graphics

    We offer 1-hour, 2-hour, half-day, and full-day workshops to teach you and your colleagues the fundamentals of how information design can be applied effectively, by individuals and in teams, to understand, analyze, and communicate complex topics.