TRUTHstudio | Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council
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Business Planning, Strategic Analysis, Systems Mapping
About This Project

In 2012, as part of consulting engagement for The Keystone Center‘s Green Products Roundtable undertaken in collaboration with North Star Strategies, TRUTHstudio created the concept proposal for a new organization. TRUTHstudio was then retained to work with relevant stakeholders over the next 18 months to develop and implement the concept, resulting in the launch, in July, 2013, of the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC). The SPLC convenes to create a shared program of guidance, benchmarking, and recognition for institutional purchasers, who seek to use their market influence to advance a sustainable future. TRUTHstudio continues to provide executive leadership and strategic management for the Council.

PDF downloads:

SPLC Principles for Leadership v1.0

Visual introduction to SPLC

Original concept proposal