TRUTHstudio | NGO’s in the Paper and Printing Industries
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Business Planning, Strategic Analysis, Systems Mapping
About This Project

TRUTHstudio was commissioned by a group of environmental funders to research two fundamental questions: 1. Looking back over the last ten years, what NGO strategies have worked to meaningfully improve the environmental practices of the paper and printing industries? 2. Looking forward to the future, what is going on now–or will be going on in the near future–that could affect how funders think about investing to achieve large-scale environmental goals? The report is based on over thirty (30) interviews conducted with stakeholders along the supply chain of these industries, including paper producers, paper brokers, paper consumers, paper retailers, and their associated industry associations. Several additional interviews were also conducted with representatives of non-profit organizations that focus their activities on the paper and printing industries, academics who have studied the industry, and government officials who have an interest in this subject. The final report included a number of graphics depicting the overall scale of the paper and printing industries in North America. Key findings were shared with interviewees, but the final report was intended for internal strategic use. Content in page samples has therefore been redacted.

Download key findings.