TRUTHstudio | Donor Bill of Responsibilities
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Information Design, Strategic Analysis
About This Project

In 1993, the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), in conjunction with other fundraising and nonprofit groups, created a Donor Bill of Rights to ensure donor awareness of the responsibilities that a charity has to its donors, and the expectations that donors should have of charities when making a charitable gift. The AFP Donor Bill of Rights lists ten rights that a donor has—ten best practices that all charities and donors should be always aware of.

As a thought experiment and provocation (to conversation), TRUTHstudio created a companion document, the Donor Bill of Responsibilities. This sister document emphasizes that donors, who typically receive significant tax exemptions from us (the general public), also have a set of responsibilities of which they should be equally aware. It is an invitation for donors to exercise the same humility and respect toward grantees that the Donor Bill of Rights expects from those grantees.

Download Donor Bill of Responsibilities

Note: The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) was not involved in the creation of the Donor Bill of Responsibilities, nor does AFP necessarily endorse its content.