TRUTHstudio is a consultancy that provides research, analysis, strategy, visualization, and communication support to organizations working in the public interest. We specialize in understanding, visualizing, and communicating complexity.

We integrate systems thinking and design thinking to support intelligent decision-making. Systems thinking provides a framework for understanding complexity, and design thinking provides a strategic approach for productively engaging complexity.

Our work is guided by an evolving set of principles.


We undertake self-funded and sponsored research projects in areas of interest to our work. Topics range widely, from visualizing supply chains to theorizing alternative modes of citizenship.

Our research tends to focus on a set of questions that have emerged from work in the public interest:

How can we demystify complexity without losing information density? How can we ensure that work in the public interest actually provides public benefit? What are the most appropriate modes of practice and organization for promoting the public interest?


We provide strategic planning and mission alignment for non-profit organizations, private foundations, and government programs.

We specialize in ensuring that program activities are clearly defined, well-communicated, and effectively aligned to achieve mission objectives.

We also undertake analytical projects of our own devising. We see these as critical to the iterative cycle of innovation: develop prototypes, gather feedback, and analyze the feedback.

Analysis is the wellspring of innovation.


We visualize complex systems in order to support effective decision-making.

Our visualization work typically focuses on helping clients or members of the public to understand systemic connections across multiple scales of analysis, in order to support effective decision-making and action.

We enjoy developing custom display methods for representing unique instances of complexity to diverse audiences.
Our work in this area includes the visualization of physical and technical systems, but also political, economic, and social systems.