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Jason Pearson

Founder & Principal

I am a strategist, information designer, and social entrepreneur.

As a social entrepreneur, I work to harness market-based innovation for the common good. As Founding President & CEO of the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council, I lead a collaborative initiative that supports and recognizes government and corporate purchasers for leadership in using their purchasing influence to promote and reward innovations that advance a sustainable future. Previously, as CEO of the research institute GreenBlue, I grew and led a 20-person organization that brought together companies in specific supply chains and industry sectors, to advance collaboration and innovation toward sustainability.  I have also managed programs at The Summit Foundation and The National Endowment for the Arts to support projects that focus our collective capacity for innovation on pressing social challenges.

TRUTHstudio is my platform for independent research and consulting. I seek projects that offer an opportunity to explore the intersection of complex systems, visual thinking, and strategic action. I am particularly interested in how:

visualization of a system
understanding of system relationships, which
prioritization of leverage points, which
actions to

My research and publications on progressive design and business practice include the book, University-Community Design Partnerships: Innovations in Practice, “Operative Practices” in Good Deeds, Good Design, and the report entitled Design + Sustainability: Opportunities for Systemic Transformation. I hold undergraduate and graduate degrees from Princeton University.

I believe passionately in the possibilities and responsibilities of engaged citizenship. I actively support the work of Represent.Us and other advocates for a democracy of people over dollars.

I live with my wife (and fellow strategist) Martha Stevenson in the Logan Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC. We spend our leisure hours hiking, visiting the Smithsonian, laughing a lot, and sharing good food with friends and family. I also ride a 3-speed bicycle, fold origami, do math (especially geometry), and read (widely).